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-04 Aug. 2023

Waste Reduction: How we are reducing waste at are our Inventa project in Oxford

Our site team at our Inventa project in Oxford has embraced a sustainable waste-reducing initiative, transforming old pallets and scrap timber into practical planters and compost bins. This project has made remarkable strides towards recycling and reusing resources.

We are currently redeveloping two former retail warehouse units into world-class laboratory and creative office space at Inventa in Oxford.

Growing a Variety of Vegetables

Using seed packets, the team sowed a range of vegetables, including potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and various types of lettuce. The seeds were planted in Spring to allow them to come to life during the spring and summer months. This has been a cost-effective way of creating an impressive vegetable patch, showcasing how sustainable practises can be installed at an inexpensive rate.


Repurposing Pallets for Planters and Compost

To construct the planters, we re-used approximately 1-2 pallets for each one along with available scrap wood from the site. The composting bin required 2-4 pallets with timber off-cuts. The planters have been placed along the site hoarding, offering an uplifting sight for visitors.


Collaboration with GoGreen on Food Waste

At Inventa, we have collaborated with GoGreen in our sustainability efforts. Our food waste is collected regularly by the waste management service. Regular collections of our food waste ensures a positive impact on the environment, a reduction in waste, and supports our commitment to sustainability.


Committing to Reducing Environmental Impact

Our emphasis on recycling, reusing, and efficient gardening practices at Inventa has led to a reduction in waste and an improvement to the environment, a successful example of our sustainable and environmentally responsible practices on site. This is part of our wider Now or Never sustainability strategy to improve the environment and commit to reducing the impact the construction industry has on the planet.

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