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In December 2020, the Government launched its Construction Playbook, which was a result of widespread collaboration from both the public and private sector as well as the construction industry, including Willmott Dixon.

The Government’s guidance document is a proposal to drive positive change within the construction industry, a key contributor to the economy that was worth over £117bn to the UK economy in 2018 and supports over two million jobs.

The Construction Playbook has been designed to support public sector construction, although its principles can also be adopted for the benefit of private sector construction. It outlines the role the UK construction sector will play in the country’s recovery to the Coronavirus pandemic as well as the role the construction industry will play in reducing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

Within the Construction Playbook are fourteen key sectors, providing a wealth of best practice. Some of the key points laid out in the document include:

  • Providing greater certainty to industry through long-term plans for key programmes.
  • Incentivising industry to innovate by focusing on the output of what the Government wants a project to achieve, rather than micromanaging how it’s done.
  • Modernising construction by standardising designs and parts, as well as embedding digital technologies including the UK Building Information Management Framework.
  • A consistent approach to social value, with a minimum of 10% of tender grading devoted to the requirement.
  • Investing more in training and apprenticeships, driving forward innovation in construction, boost productivity and focus on value for money in public sector developments.

Willmott Dixon and the Construction Playbook

Willmott Dixon welcomes the release of the Construction Playbook, providing clarity and direction for customers, and an agreed standard for contractors to comply to.

Speaking about the release of the Construction Playbook, Phil Brookes, Crown Representative, Cabinet Office comments:


“ On behalf of Meryl Bushell and I, as joint-chairs of the Construction Industry Forum, I’m pleased to announce that we have this morning launched the Construction Playbook. This would not have been possible without the leadership and insight provided by you (Willmott Dixon), through the Construction Industry Forum over the last several months. Thank you sincerely for everything that you and your teams have done to get us to this point. I look forward to continuing to work closely with you as we now focus on driving implementation (via Matthew Browne).”

As the specialist fit-out and refurbishment arm of Willmott Dixon, Willmott Dixon Interiors are already aligning with the key topics laid out in the Construction Playbook which are also embedded as part of Willmott Dixon’s ways of working.


Willmott Dixon Interiors hold appointments on a selection of framework procurement vehicles, specifically for the public sector, that provide the governance, process, and performance measures to align with the Construction Playbook key policies.

  • We are committed to delivering a social value legacy. We deliver around 45-50% of work through frameworks e.g. Procurement hub, Scape, Pagabo and Southern Construction Framework. Each requires social value delivery that exceeds the grading illustrated in the Construction Playbook.
  • The routes to market foster collaboration and emphasis on repeat delivery
  • Willmott Dixon Interiors has an enviable record amongst competitors for prompt payment and adherence to the government fair payment guidelines, this backs our drive to support supply chain and create loyalty
  • Willmott Dixon Interiors has a commitment to full transparency of construction materials, design to optimise lifecycle value and reduction in embodied carbon, including re-purposing considerations
  • Implementation of new project score cards to help set clear outcomes linked to Government’s economic, social and environmental priorities
  • As part of our Now or Never 2030 Sustainability Strategy, amongst a range of industry leading targets, we have pledged to be net zero carbon in use by 2030.


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