We pride ourselves on being able to create an open and inclusive environment for our people, customers, and communities. Our everyday goal is to be the source of inspiration, support and encouragement for an equal, diverse and inclusive community, both within our organisation and the communities we operate in.

Among our teams of specialists stands a group of volunteers within the community, who are passionate about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), and have spent their time working to improve inclusion. The team's ultimate purpose is to support everyone in achieving and fulfilling their highest potential in an inclusive environment.

Our EDI Achievements

of our people belong to Black, Asian, or minority ethnic backgrounds (compared to a 4% industry average)
of our employees identify as female (compared to a 11% industry average)
Construction ad STEM Ambassadors work to bring the next generation into our industry
Our EDI Team Commitments are:
  • To increase people’s awareness of their unconscious bias
  • To assist in attracting the next generation
  • To even out the gender imbalance within the industry
  • To raise awareness of diversity and other issues