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-16 Oct. 2017

Willmott Dixon Interiors Wins ‘Biggest Fundraiser Award’

Willmott Dixon Interiors gathered at Scala on Wednesday 11th October for the 10th Anniversary of Construction Rocks, an annual battle of the construction industry band.

Willmott Dixon Interiors rock band, 20% Structural managed to bag themselves an award for ‘Biggest Fundraiser Award’ on the night, having raised £4,221 which has made it into the Construction Rocks history books as it’s the most ever raised by a band globally and the donations are still coming in!

Above: The band receive the award for most money raised

The donations were raised for our nominated charity The Parent House, which gives life changing opportunities to many parents and their families. Many thanks to everyone who donated and made our fundraiser a success!

Above: The band ‘warming up’ L-R Richard Purcell, Duncan Booth, Enrique Soler, Alan De Lacy, Patrice Sweeney and Jon Meeks.

Meet the Band Members:

Enrique Soler – Guitar

No amount of effect pedals can distract the audience from the weird faces Enrique makes when he’s playing a solo (sometimes this happens while he’s daydreaming in the middle of a design meeting).

Alan De Lacy – Vocals

A long time ago in a land far, far away, a lowly architect dreamt of morbidly dark melodic compositions….Soon after, having been expelled from Ireland for crimes against music, Alan washed up on the shores of this island and immediately turned his back on his previous rock god status to design manage the stairway to heaven rather than try to play it. An entirely mediocre guitarist with a modicum of limited vocal skills, he is best suited to stand at the front and hog all the limelight, whilst leaving the talent and skill to the musicians (and drummer) in the band.

Duncan Booth – Bass

Having unsuccessfully pursued a career in classical music (trumpet), Duncan decided to take up a mate’s offer to play bass in what probably turned out to be one of the worst bands of the 80’s. He describes his playing as competent rather than flashy and still gigs on occasion with whatever band will have him. While he is a confirmed Rock God (in his head) he decided that a proper job was preferable to living in a cardboard box and thus a second career in construction beckoned. In his spare time he makes inappropriate jokes about drummers.

Jon Meeks – Drums

Jon has successfully been kicked out of two rock bands based in the leafy suburbs of North West London. Having been mediocre at the guitar, and appalling at drums, he is eyeing up the opportunity to win a hat-trick of personal failures.

Richard Purcell – Guitar

At 18 Richard left the shores of the UK to find fame in LA’s sunset strip. Unfortunately fame didn’t come but he picked up a cool Les Paul!

Patrice Sweeney – Vocals

Patrice is one of those annoying people that like all genres of music. However, on the rare occasions that she goes running she blasts bands such as Audiomachine and Two Steps from Hell. They make trailer music for movies. Patrice acknowledges that she’s weird.

If you would like to donate to The Parent House, click here

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