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-01 Dec. 2021

Supporting growth in the construction industry

As part of our focus to promote education and employment opportunities for young people, we offer T-level placements at our Willmott Dixon Interiors sites across the UK and have recently had two students at our projects in Leeds; Wellington House and Quarry House.

As a company, we are fully committed to enhancing the diversity of the construction industry workforce, and being able to provide these placements help support growth within the construction industry and invest within the future of the workforce.

Placements are designed collaboratively, so that they focus  on the skills that the young person needs to develop to complete their course successfully and enter the world of work.

Return on investment

We find that these placements offer:

  • The perfect opportunity to meet the future workforce and build a relationship with prospective new talent
  • A pipeline to the company’s management trainee scheme
  • A way of showcasing the business and reaching out to talented young people in under-represented groups such as women and black minority ethnic students
  • An opportunity to demonstrate the huge variety of exciting and rewarding jobs that exist across the industry, many of which may be unknown to young people

Meet our placement students

We spoke to the students who are currently working on our project sites in Leeds and asked them to tell us a bit about themselves and how they have found this experience with Willmott Dixon Interiors.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Motivated. Friendly. Reliable.

What course are you doing at university and why did you decide on that course?

I am studying T level in Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction, at Barnsley College. The course content is diverse, covering topics such as; building technology to law.

How are you finding your time with Willmott Dixon interiors? Have you found it useful?

A valuable part of my T level course is my work placement. I am based at Willmott Dixon interiors in Leeds, shadowing a senior build manager, Brian Cole. The purpose of his role is to oversee the project, which is the refurbishment of an existing building requiring modernisation and refitting to regulation standards, making it future proof. My role, is to learn from Brian. To listen and ask questions and develop my knowledge of the industry. I secured my work placement, with the support of my college.

The placement is for 315 hours and I am required to complete a specialist project, towards the end of my placement. This opportunity is so valuable to me. I am learning so much from this experience and Brian, which is giving me an insight into my future industry.

What role do you want to pursue in construction?

I really want to become an Architectural Technologist. I love a challenge and problem solving, so the idea of making the most challenging of design briefs, into reality, is something that has got me hooked.

Once I have completed my T level, I want to study Construction science and management (BSc Hons) at the University of Lincoln. Their teaching has been awarded Gold TEF and their lecturers are enthusiastic about designing for the future.

What has been your proudest achievement so far?

My proudest achievement so far, is achieving my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards. I have nearly completed the Gold award too. To achieve these takes time and a commitment to helping others and developing new skills. I recently completed a Youth conservation residential and have achieved the John Muir discovery award. I really enjoyed having the chance to meet new people and helping to conserve the environment.

What do you do for your hobbies?

In recent years, I have developed a passion for photography. This started with capturing images of nature, while outdoors and has now grown into a hobby where I am always thinking and looking for opportunities to capture that perfect shot! I’ve had the chance to visit some recently refitted, grade 2* listed flats. I loved exploring the changes which had been made, but I was inspired by what they didn’t change – a perfect photo opportunity!

What are your future aspirations? E.g. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I want to create projects which are designed for the future. It is absolutely essential for the UK and beyond, to have a love for the existing and build sustainably. I recently attended a talk, presented by George Clarke. He really helped me to see the beauty in the old and dilapidated and to see that there is so much potential in refitting old buildings.

In the future, a career in Construction, transforming and repurposing buildings is something I definitely want to explore. Technology is changing rapidly and I can’t wait to see what opportunities this creates, for architecture and for me.

What made you want to start a career in construction?

As a child I was really fascinated with buildings and construction and always wanted to understand how things are built. As years passed I realised the construction industry is the career that I want to pursue or anything related to the industry. My passion is problem solving building design and team leading, I believe I have all the qualities to be a project manager in years to come.

What course are you doing at university and why did you decide on that course?

I am in my second year of collage studying a T level, level 3 qualification in design surveying and planning at Barnsley collage increasing my knowledge of the construction industry has made me want to progress into higher education and hopefully next year start a degree level apprenticeship or trainee role in project management.

How are you finding your time with Willmott Dixon interiors? Have you found it useful?

While working with Willmott Dixon my knowledge of the industry has been tested in different levels Working along side Stuart Dack and the Wellington House team has really enlightened me in to just how much goes into a project and I look forward to turning up every week.

Stuart Dack, Building Manager at Wellington House said:

“Sam Is a T level student from Barnsley collage that I am mentoring for the next 37 weeks, He started with us onsite 2nd July and does 2 days a weeks. Sam is a very enthusiastic young man always interested and wanting to learn more, He never stops asking questions about why we do things, He has come to Wellington House and works really well as part of the team. So far in Sam’s placement we have we have covered Health and safety on a construction site, and environmental and sustainability. It is a real joy to work with Sam and I am looking forward to seeing him progress in the future.”

Thank you to both Sam and John for their time and effort on our projects, we are proud to help guide and support you for future roles within the construction industry.







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