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-13 Oct. 2021

Saving the world, one mile at a time!

Electric vehicles are the future of transport. What better way to move with the times than to employ an electric fleet for waste disposal. Electric vehicles will help our supply chain achieve net zero operational carbon, which is an ambition for our Now or Never strategy.

At Interiors, we are always on the lookout for green alternatives to minimise our impact. We have done just this on site on our NEECH Hospital project in Epsom, Surrey. Waste contractor, Lawmens Ltd, was selected due to their appealing fleet of electric waste disposal vehicles, competitive cost, and ability to achieve our waste recycling targets.

Teamwork makes the dream work:

Never has it been more important to work with supply chain partners that support our visions to decarbonise the construction industry. Carbon emissions from material and waste-related transportation activities are significant, coupled with congestion and road safety impacts associated with the high number of LGVs and HGVs on our roads.

Why are we doing it:

  • Diesel powered vehicles release toxins into the atmosphere that we don’t want to be inhaling! Using electric vans leads to better air quality and a cleaner environment
  • Lawmens Ltd are one of the first waste contractors to offer a fully electric fleet, consisting of 17 LGVs.
  • Using electric vehicles sends a clear message to the industry about our commitment to eliminating carbon and reducing our impacts
  • Lawmens Ltd can also divert 100% of our non-hazardous waste from landfill, supporting our ambition to eliminate all avoidable waste
  • We’re supporting supply chain partners that are proactively investing in a green future
  • By 2030, diesel powered vehicles will be a thing of the past when legislation changes. Supporting the transition will help to future-proof the industry before it becomes mandatory

What are the vehicles like?

The electric vehicles make visits to our NEECH project twice a week. The vehicles are compact in size, which makes transport and mobility to and from the site easy. The vans are 2.25m in height and 7m in length. They are relatively noise free, which limits the disturbance to residents, the general public and wildlife.


  • We have reduced our supply chain emissions; a typical waste truck will emit 960 metric tonnes of co2/ year. This is the equivalent of charging 116,776,941 phones from 0% to fully charged. An electric vehicle emits zero emissions in operation
  • The vehicles have the capacity to travel 100 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough to service the needs of our projects
  • The use of electric vehicles as an alternative to diesel has proven successful and paved the way for wider adoption of electric vehicle technology
  • Using green alternatives has proved to have zero negative impact on supply chain performance or costs

Find out more about our Sustainability strategy here

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