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-10 Jul. 2018

Pride Matters

Over the weekend, Willmott Dixon Interiors took part in celebrating Pride in London alongside 23 other construction organisations. The march represented #BuildingEquality, under the theme of ‘Pride Matters’.

The march was important to help increase awareness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) employees working in the construction industry. This aims to encourage an inclusive environment, proven to reduce stress and anxiety amongst the LGBT+ community, allowing people’s talents to flourish.

Above: Willmott Dixon Interiors ready to march at Pride  

A recent survey by Construction News found that 56% of LGBT+ respondents aren’t comfortable being open about their sexuality or gender, and a third (28%) have had an offensive or inappropriate comment made about their gender or sexuality in the workplace over the past year[1]. These results show that there is much work to be done to ensure the construction industry is a truly diverse and inclusive workplace for its LGBT+ employees and that is why the work of #BuildingEquality and its members is so vitally important.

Above: #BuildingEquality represented by Willmott Dixon Interiors alongside other construction firms.

Above: Willmott Dixon Interiors project, St Martins Placerepresenting Pride on site   

Willmott Dixon Interiors were represented by the EDI Committee, set-up to tackle the challenges around equality, diversity and inclusion within the construction industry.  Connie Robson Velaetis, Sales Manager who also sits as part of the EDI committe said ”We couldn’t have asked for a better reception and we couldn’t be happier to have made a stance and let the world know that Willmott Dixon Interiors are inclusive of everyone, no matter how they identify”. To find out more about EDI at Willmott Dixon Interiors click here.

[1] Construction News 2017 LGBT+ survey –


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