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-09 Mar. 2022

National Careers Week | Tamar’s story

Tamar Moseley | Work Experience


I am a single mum of two who has struggled with anxiety, dyslexia and low confidence. During my getting back into work journey, I have had panic attacks at interviews, and have previously found it hard to find the right fit to develop a career. I am a hard worker and have always exceeded expectations of my managers and received an increase of duties very early on from starting a job. Being out of work for four years has allowed me to homeschool my daughter, 4 and my son, 11. Though they will both soon attend school, and I have been considering finding a job in construction.  

Before now my aspirations and hopes were at its most volatile. I was very nervous in returning to work. I had been losing hope and faith in myself gaining control of a career because I had tried so hard with no return. Drained, especially as I was losing my grip on my anxiety, I felt my belief in myself was delusional. I stopped looking for something I would be good at and felt (due to my previous experiences) that I needed a practical job that I could get stuck into and just get on with – being outside and physical were big incentives.  


After my panic attack at a recent interview, I, by chance vented all my frustration to a friend who had access to a network of social projects. He had heard of ‘Women into Construction (WiC)’ and forwarded my name to the project manager Anna Walterskotter. 

 I had very little support network so childcare was an issue. Therefore, I attended the first day of the course with my two children in tow. I was nervous as I knew this wasn’t standard practice but wanted to show my appreciation for the opportunity and WiC were really responsive and gave me work to complete at home and arranged for me to study for the CSCS card which I did and passed and later they referred me to the Willmott Dixon recruitment program.  

The team at Willmott Dixon Interiors broke through my anxiety easily by being down to earth, transparent, and very supportive. I was then offered a work experience placement – which I jumped on – and felt the motivation, support and agency needed to reach out to my support network to encourage them to invest in me through help with childcare.  

I have been blown away by the investment Willmott Dixon have put into the program, and into me. I have been impressed by the investment into the employees of the department, who in turn have invested their time into me, teaching me how everything works within the company. I was also excited and found it encouraging that I was invited to access to every part of the business, practically and physically by my colleagues.  

The ethos seeps through everybody here and I wanted more. I felt motivated and ambitious, things previously out of my reach due to the set up of other industries. Purely based on the environment and how I can just be myself (minus the initial stepping into the office on day one) I have not felt anxious!  

This experience has allowed me to feel free to believe I could progress in this industry, confident in my knowledge of how it all works together and it has genuinely felt too good to be true. I have felt a taste of what I imagine privilege to feel like and now I have all the confidence in saying that ‘I will be employed by Willmott Dixon’ because it is now my full aim to do so. I am hoping to become apart of the Social Value team, as without the Social Value department in WDI, I would not be here, be confident, hopeful and active in my and my children’s future. 

The team here is amazing you can’t make up the banter and environment you just have to experience it. The team has made it so easy to get out of bed in the dark and cold and I think that’s very symbolic of the impact this working environment has on our mental wellbeing. 


Mike Devaney, Construction Manager, managed Tamar whilst she was on site at EMD Cinema. Commenting on Tamar, Mike said “I have found Tamar to be a confident, friendly, open and enthusiastic young lady who has a real empathy for social value. I wish Tamar all the success and best wishes for the future.” 

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