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-27 Oct. 2022

How we are helping our customers tackle the cost of the energy crisis

As energy prices continue to significantly increase, Willmott Dixon Interiors is constantly scrutinising the electricity consumed by our sites. By 2030 Willmott Dixon will become a zero-carbon business. To help us get there, we are committed to all our sites being fossil fuel free and with energy efficient site set-ups.

Our new cabin standards aim to ensure we are consistently procuring the most efficient welfare facilities. A study conducted by Oasis at our project in Brighton demonstrates the savings available when we implement more sustainable cabins, which delivers subsequent savings for our customers.

Energy prices are rising exponentially. In the past, Willmott Dixon Interiors has been somewhat protected by the price increases due to using existing customer supplies. Understandably, customers are becoming increasingly concerned about energy prices.  To align with our zero-carbon approach, Willmott Dixon Interiors continues to closely monitor its energy use to provide more accurate energy forecasts, whilst also outlining measures to reduce energy usage.

How Do We Forecast Our Energy Use?

Our Power Planning Tool allows us to calculate the amount of energy that a project will use. It allows us to reassure our customers that we are conscious of our energy use and taking steps to limit it. The figures it provides helps our customers budget effectively and identify areas that can be reduced.

Efficient Cabins

Site welfare and cabins are a major consumer of energy on site. As part of our commitment to become a zero-carbon business, we must ensure our cabins are operating at maximum efficiency. Willmott Dixons have developed cabin standards and worked with suppliers to ensure they are met.

 Striving For More Sustainable Solutions

Willmott Dixon Interiors have been using Oasis’ EcoLogic Solar units to provide sustainable instant welfare and office facilities on our Brighton projects. We were appointed by University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust to deliver additional clinical treatment space within the emergency department at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

Using modern methods of construction, we built a two-storey modular building outside the main A&E department, to help increase the capacity within the main A&E and improve services for patients, as well as minimising pressure on the NHS.  This is just one of the projects undertaken by the Willmott Dixon Interiors build team, who have embarked on a variety of projects at the Royal Sussex Hospital site, with different levels of staff and contractors needing access to quality welfare and office facilities.

Located in a busy residential area, space around the hospital construction site is very limited. Willmott Dixon and the Trust have worked together to ensure suitable welfare is in place.

Due to the location, service connections were not easily available and therefore the team required a completely self-contained set up from Oasis Welfare. Willmott Dixon Interiors approached Advanté to deliver suitable welfare units to their upcoming projects.

Being in the middle of a built-up residential area, minimising noise and carbon emissions is paramount, to positively impact the local community and air quality.  The build team chose to hire three separate Oasis EcoMax welfare setups, including two from our latest 32ft EcoMax Solarwelfare range.

EcoMax Solar is Advanté’s unique two-storey instant start welfare setup that is mainly powered by solar and a hybrid LPG power system that rarely relies on the generator.

Performance Benefits:

o           99.6% electricity produced carbon-free

o           Silent running for the majority of the hire

o           Energy produced by renewable sources would run an average house for 290 days

o           LPG cost just £2.12 per unit per day (heating & 24/7 drying room)

“The use of Advante’s Solar EcoMax32 units here at the Royal Sussex County Hospital has been invaluable. This particular area of Brighton, and the Hospital site itself, is incredibly congested and the area that’s been made available to us has very little core services for us to connect easily to.

In terms of performance, the units came fully stocked and in excellent condition, allowing us to make an immediate start. They have been impressively efficient; the generator very rarely goes on thanks to the solar panels, and it is quiet in operation, which our neighbours appreciate.”

Andy Gray, Senior Build Manager, Willmott Dixon Interiors

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