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-08 May. 2019

Flexible working in our workplace

Flexible working is a way of working that supports the lifestyle needs of employee’s due to their commitments outside of work.

Willmott Dixon Interiors has recognised the importance of offering flexible working to ensure our people are given a good work-life balance. This includes having flexible start and finish times, working from home or the ability to work part time.


  1. Research has shown that flexible workers have a higher level of job satisfaction, resulting in a happier  more productive workforce
  2. In today’s world of work people are looking for a work-life balance where their career and personal life support and complement each other
  3. Allowing flexible working helps our  business become so much more diverse
  4. There are over 10.2 million people over 50 in employment in the UK. Flexible working can help them to balance work with their caring responsibilities, or personal health circumstances and help them remain in work longer
  5. Research says ¾ of UK employees now consider flexible working as a favourable option when selecting a new role

How our people have benefited from flexible working

I have a particular interest in travelling, by working 4 days a week I have found that the extra day gives me time to arrange holidays and to use the long weekends to meet friends and family. The basic 2 day weekend always seems to be taken up with domestic issues. There is no doubt that a 4 day week makes a dramatic difference to the work-life balance and in my case is a good preparation for retirement” – John Bird, Operations Manager

”How people work or want to work is very unique and personal to them. Hopefully, as companies give more attention to the importance of work-life balance, more and more people will be in a better position to decide and act more holistically on what’s important to them. Willmott Dixon Interiors fully supported my flexible working request of 4 days a week upon my return to work. I have Wednesdays off which provides respite to my husband looking after our 4 year old & most importantly I have a full mummy and daughter day mid-week. This flexibility allows me to then focus my energies on work and my team at the beginning and end of each week’’ –  Bev Williams, Sales & Marketing Director



”Being able to start earlier and finish earlier means I have more time in the evenings to be with my family. It gives me a chance to catch up with my daughter before she goes to bed. Also working from home now and then allows me to drop my daughter off at nursery so that I can be involved with her education and development too’’. – Amie Esson, Senior Estimator

‘‘Working flexibly means I can spend more quality time with my amazing elderly parents and have the opportunity to play tennis (badly) more often. I am grateful that Willmott Dixon Interiors recognise how important a work-life balance is, not just for the younger generations but us older ones too’’  – Judy Usher, Head of People

”During my interview for the Head of Customer Care position, I asked if working flexibly would be considered. This was answered with nothing but positivity and confirmation that this would not be a problem. I started working flexibly at the start of February 2019 and it has just transformed my whole week.  I am able to spend more time with my 2 year old and be around for the school run.  I am able to plan my week accordingly and achieve a positive work-life balance.  I am grateful to work for a company that fully embraces a positive approach to flexible working”. – Elaine Williams, Head of Customer Care

”Having the option to work flexibly has made the transition of coming back to work after maternity leave a lot smoother. Balancing the demands of home and work-life has become more manageable as I have more control over the hours I work. Whilst I still do full time hours, they are structured differently to better suit my responsibilities. By starting and finishing work earlier, I can beat the rush hour and be home in time to pick my one year old daughter up and start the evening routine. I’ve also compressed my hours which means I have Monday afternoons off to spend more quality time with her. I’m very grateful that Willmott Dixon Interiors promotes and supports flexible working as it’s made a huge difference to mine and my family’s lives”. – Katie Lyle, Design Coordinator 


Are you looking for a career that will offer flexible working?

We are always looking to attract and retain a talented, happy and productive workforce where flexible working will be considered.


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