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-26 Apr. 2023

Overcoming challenges to build a career within construction

We are proud to be able to support and help develop those aspiring to have a career in the construction industry through our social value programmes which focus on our ‘Building Lives’ theme.

Modassir Zaman initially joined us for a work placement on our project at St Michael’s hospital in Warwick and due to his determination and enthusiasm within the role, he has now gone on to achieve a full-time role working with Willmott Dixon Interiors through an agency.

We hear from Modassir about his mental health challenges that he faced, and how he has overcome them to build a career within construction.

Modassir Zaman.

“My Name is Modassir Zaman and I am 25 years old.

I successfully graduated with a construction management degree in 2020. However unfortunately my mental health rapidly deteriorated in October 2021. Due to the extent of my mental health and current condition at that time, I was sectioned to a mental health hospital for 4 months. I was then released back home in January 2022 after they had diagnosed me with paranoia schizophrenia. After 9 months, I felt like my mental health had improved, and so I felt like it was time for me to get back into work and into a routine.  I was still extremely nervous and worried about how I would transition back into a job due to my lack of confidence.

As I had graduated with a construction management degree, I wanted to continue with my passion and look for a job within the construction industry. Through a mutual connection, I was lucky to meet with Nabeel Javed, Construction Manager at Willmott Dixon Interiors. I applied for a two week work experience placement at Willmott Dixon Interiors, which I was successful in landing. This placement has now led onto a full time job working with Willmott Dixon Interiors through an agency for 7 months.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity Willmott Dixon Interiors has provided. The site team are like a family and have really assisted me in settling back into work. I cannot thank Nabeel Javed enough for taking me under his wing and actually really changing my life around. He has helped not just enhance my construction knowledge and skills but also improve my mental health. He has also boosted my confidence and helped build my people skills.

Willmott Dixon Interiors have been great to work with and it’s so evident they put their people first. If Nabeel had not believed in me and helped me through this journey there’s a chance my mental health could have deteriorated further. It’s ironic how I was once a patient sectioned in a mental health hospital and now I am part of an amazing site team whom are helping the NHS trust improve these facilities.

As an ex-patient I totally appreciate and understand the importance of improving mental health facilities and I hope to continue a successful career with Willmott Dixon Interiors.”

We want to thank Modassir for sharing his inspiring and courageous story which might help others to overcome the challenges they face and spur them on to pursue their passions.

Nabeel Javed, Construction Manager at Willmott Dixon Interiors says “Modassir has been a fantastic asset to the site team and I had seen potential in him from the very first day he walked onto site. He has great drive and enthusiasm, you can tell he really has a passion for construction. His story is truly inspirational, and it goes to show anything is possible.” 

Nabeel Javed and Modassir Zaman on site at St Michael’s Hospital in Warwick.

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