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We would also like to show our support to our teams and key workers who are working tirelessly across the country.

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-02 Mar. 2022

Our teams have achieved excellent results in their 2021 scores

The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) commits sites to respect the community, care for the environment and value their workforce.


Each of our sites are scored out of 10 against a marking system of 5 sections: Appearance, Community, Environment, Safety and Workforce. Our 2021 average was 41.62/50, compared to the industry average of 38.23, with us scoring above 8 for all of the sections. Last year, 18 of our sites were monitored by CCS.

Our projects are all working towards ambitions set out in our Now or Never Strategy. The Brilliant Buildings, Better Planet and Building Lives themes support the areas promoted by CCS and drive our people to go above and beyond in sustainability and social value.

Our top 5 scoring projects were:

Quarry House – 45/50

Met Police Colindale – 45/50

Portslade – 45/50

Hasting Conquest – 44/50

Edmonton Green Library – 44/50

An innovation point is awarded for an initiative not seen before across anywhere in the industry. Our Quarry House project was awarded an innovation point for innovative CCTV cameras which report to safety officers of personnel laying down for 5 seconds in case of heart attack as well as lack of PPE such as face masks.

“Site setup to an exceptional level with a professional image presented to the public, visitors and stakeholders.” – Malcom Nelson, EMD CCS Monitor.

“Undoubtedly this is one of the best small sites that one will see! The enthusiasm of the Managers to present a site to such an excellent, exceptional standard is very welcome and is to be applauded.” – Malcom Viccars, Edmonton Green Library CCS Monitor.

Well done to all of our sites and the teams involved in aligning with the core values of CCS and achieving exceptional performance.


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